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Otsego Log Homes


Otsego Log homes is operated by a family in its third generation of log home construction. It is operated in conjunction with Del Thomas Log Home Repair. We have over 30 years of experience in log home repair and construction. Over the years we have worked on a variety of styles and designs, and have gathered the best of what works and does not.



Over the years we have found one method that we feel works the best for easy construction and mantinance. This is the Post and Beam log home method. We use this winning formula for construction in all our homes. The method was started in 1934, and the original home still stands today as a testimonial to this construction method.

A log home should have a look of elegance in any setting. The Otsego post and beam style dose this while still allowing for easy construction, economy pricing and lasting quality. Not only do we offer this in our log home kits but also our split log siding, Germen pealed slabs, and our railing. This means even if you already have a home or cabin we can make it a log home.

The primary wood we use to build our products is White Cedar. Most of our kits are built from cedar along with our split log siding and railing. We do however offer kits, and siding in Red Pine. In all of our kits our rafters are made out of spruce or balsam. We use these two woods because they retain their size over longer spans, and have a greater strength than cedar so they are better equipped for this type of use, and they don't bleed like red pine.

We offer kits in a variety of designs all with the same Post and Beam method. Wether you are intrested in a small cabin for hunting, a micro cabin for cost efficient green living, a luxury home for you and your family, or a commercial space we can build a kit for you. Choose from one of our pre designed kits, a customized kit just for you, or we can build from a complete custom design. Please go to our kits page for more information on our kits. Kits section.

Due to popular demand we are now proud to offer a line of log siding. We offer three types of log siding to be used on the interior or exterior of your home. We offer Germen peeled slabs in 1x 6x 8, 2x 6x 8, and full split log. The split log siding comes either as straight siding, or with cross corner ends. To achieve the cross corners you will receive several pieces that are shaped like an "L" where the log was sawed all the way to the last 2 feet and then the last two feet was left whole. We can also install the siding if your home is in our coverage area.For those that are not in our coverage area Interstate shipping can be arranged. More information is available under our Siding section.

We also offer repair and restoration services in our local coverage area. Please feel free to contact us or Del Thomas Log Home Repair for these services.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing quality econamical product in a timely manner.